Your Rights to Protect Your Data

A simple guide to understanding your rights

We want to make sure you know how you can keep your personal information with Universal Air safe and understand your rights:

Knowing and Accessing Your Data
You have the right to know if we have your personal data, and if we do, you can ask for a copy of it.

Moving Your Data
You can ask for some of your personal data in a format that’s easy to move and use elsewhere. For example, you could get details of your flight history like booking numbers, flight dates, and destinations.

Updating Your Information
If you spot any mistakes in the information we have about you, or if it’s incomplete, you can ask us to fix or fill it in. Often, you can update your details yourself by logging into your Universal Air account.

Deleting Your Data
We keep your personal data mainly to meet legal requirements and to help you when you travel with us. But, if there’s data we have that’s not needed for these reasons, and you’d like us to delete it, just let us know. This includes if we’ve used your data for marketing and you no longer want us to.

Limiting Use of Your Data
In some situations, you might want us to keep your data but stop using it. For example, if it’s needed for legal reasons. Just tell us, and we’ll make it happen.

Saying No to Data Use
If you don’t agree with how we’re using your data, you can ask us to stop. We always try to balance our business needs with your rights to make sure we’re using your data fairly.

Withdrawing Your Permission
If you’ve given us permission to use your data in a specific way, you can take back that permission any time by getting in touch with our data protection team. Email us at data.protection@flyuniversalair.com

Saying No to Automated Decisions
You have the right to object to decisions made about you by computers alone. If you’re not happy with an automated decision, you can ask for a human to review it.

Making a Request About Your Data
If you want to ask about your data, our form helps us find your information quickly. You’ll need to provide:

Your name and any email addresses you’ve used with us.
Details about the data or help you’re asking for.
A copy of your photo ID to protect your data.
If you’re asking for someone else, we’ll need their permission too.
Once we have everything we need, we aim to respond within a month, as the law requires.

Questions or Concerns?
If you have any questions about your data or if something doesn’t seem right, you can reach out directly to our Data Protection Officer: Email: data.protection@flyuniversalair.com

We might need to check who you are before we can help out.

Not happy with how we handle your data? You have the right to complain to your local data protection authority. If you’re in Malta, you can contact the ICO, or if you’re in another EU country, you can find your authority on the European Data Protection Board’s website.

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