About us

About us

Experience the Universal Air difference

Welcome to Universal Air, the airline for the Mediterranean. We’re here to make flying better and different. Our goal is simple: to make you enjoy flying again. We believe that every flight is more than just getting from A to B; it’s a key part of your journey. We’ll show you how we do things differently and why flying with us is a great choice.

Our Way of Flying

Universal Air is all about giving you a great deal without skimping on comfort or service. We take the best options from many airlines and mix them together. This means you get to save money but still fly comfortably. We’ve thought about everything, from booking your ticket to arriving at your destination, to make sure you get great value every step of the way.

Customer Service Comes First

For us, great service is everything. We make sure you’re looked after from the moment you think about booking until you’ve finished your journey. Our simple booking process, clear prices, and extra options mean you’re always in control, without any surprises.

A Smooth Start at the Airport

Your Universal Air experience starts even before you take off. Our team at the airport, quick check-ins, and clear updates make getting on your flight easy and stress-free. We’ve also thought carefully about our baggage options and help if there are any delays, making sure you’re always comfortable and informed.

Flying Far and Wide

Our know-how in travel and flying connects Malta with places across the Mediterranean and more. We’re all about making your flight as stress-free as possible, from choosing your seat to enjoying our onboard services, all without breaking the bank. Flying with us is about getting more from your journey, with great choices and quality every step of the way.

In the Air

Flying with us is something special. We make sure you’re comfortable and enjoying the flight, with tasty drinks and snacks and friendly staff. Every little thing is planned to make your trip better.

When You Arrive

Even after you land, we’re there for you. Getting your bags quickly and easily and being there to answer your questions means you can start your visit smoothly. We care about your feedback because we’re always looking to make things even better.

Looking Ahead

Universal Air is more than just flights; it’s about making travel better. We’re working towards a future where everyone loves flying with us because of our great service, comfort, and value. We want to be the first choice for anyone looking for a great travel experience that’s both affordable and enjoyable.

Making Flying Better

Universal Air shows what’s possible when we focus on making flying better. Our unique approach, dedication to service, and commitment to value set us apart. With us, every trip is a chance to enjoy travelling more, thanks to the choices and value for money we bring. Come fly with us and see how we’re changing the game.

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