Baggage Allowance

Explore your baggage allowance

Baggage Allowance

Explore your baggage allowance

Universal Air’s Baggage Policy

Our comprehensive baggage policy is designed to meet the needs of all travellers, ensuring that your journey with us is smooth from start to finish. Here’s everything you need to know about our baggage allowances, fees, and special item carriage.

Checked Baggage

We’re different. At Universal Air, every child and adult passenger is entitled to one piece of checked baggage up to 15kg, included in the fare. The maximum dimensions for one piece of Checked Baggage (length + width + height) is 275cm. Please note that any baggage exceeding these limits may be refused.

Additional Checked Baggage

Should you need to travel with more than your standard allowance, we offer the option for you to buy an additional 15kg allowance for €50. You can use this extra allowance to carry a heavier bag (up to 30kg) or bring a second bag with the same maximum dimensions. Pack them how you like, so long as the combined weight is less than 30kg. This service is subject to space and weight limitations onboard.

Unchecked Baggage

For your convenience, you may also carry one piece of hand baggage with a maximum size of 40 x 30 x 20cm (excluding handles and wheels, with a maximum 5cm allowance for wheels). The weight limit for unchecked baggage is 7kg, ensuring that there’s enough cabin space for all passengers’ essentials. You may also bring a small personal item into the cabin, such as a coat, a blanket, a book, crutches, or that all important duty free shopping item.

Excess Baggage

Should your baggage exceed the standard or additional allowances, we apply a handling fee of €15 per kilogram. You can pay for this at the airport desk when you check in. Note that we can only accept a maximum of 7kg of excess baggage over and above your allowance, and no bag will be permitted if it weighs more than 32kg. This service is subject to space and weight limitations onboard.

Special Baggage

Planning to travel with special items? Whether it’s sports equipment, musical instruments, or any item listed under our special baggage category, please inform our Call Centre at the time of reservation. Special fees may apply, and transportation of these items is subject to space, and our approval and tariff rates.

Oversize Unchecked Baggage

Any oversize or overweight hand baggage may have to be transported as checked baggage for operational and/or safety reasons. We may have to charge you for this, so please stay inside your free limits.

Prams and Wheelchairs

We support passengers travelling with prams and wheelchairs by checking these items free of charge, provided the user is also travelling.

Payment Methods

All baggage fees must be paid using a credit or debit card, ensuring a swift and secure transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Universal Air’s checked baggage policy compare with low-cost airlines?

Universal Air stands out by offering a checked baggage allowance of one piece weighing up to 15kg for every passenger, included in the fare.

Can I pre-purchase additional baggage allowance for my Universal Air flight?

Yes, you can pre-purchase an additional 15kg allowance of checked baggage for €50

What should I do if my hand baggage exceeds Universal Air’s size or weight limits?

If your hand baggage exceeds the allowed dimensions of 40X30X20cm or the weight limit of 7kg, it may need to be checked in and transported as checked baggage. Additional charges may apply, so its best to ensure your hand luggage complies with the airline’s restrictions to avoid extra fees.

Are there any items that cannot be carried in my checked or hand luggage on Universal Air flights?

While Universal Air accommodates a variety of baggage types, there are restrictions on dangerous goods, liquids in hand baggage beyond 100ml and prohibited items such as sharp objects or flammable substances. For a detailed list of what cannot be carried, its recommended to contact customer services

How can I ensure that special items like sports equipment are accepted on my Universal Air flight?

To ensure the carriage of special items like sports equipment, its crucial to inform Universal Air’s call centre at the time of booking. Special fees may apply and acceptance is based on airline’s space availability and approval

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