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At Universal Air, we’re more than just an airline. We’re a fast-growing company on a mission to link people around the Mediterranean with eco-friendlier flights. In 2023, we’ve expanded our routes to include Hungary, Athens, Corfu, and Italy, marking a significant growth in operations.

Why Universal Air Stands Out

Our team, made up of over 20 nationalities, is at the heart of our success. We value sustainability, success, and innovation, creating a place where everyone feels part of something big. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved together and are always looking to welcome new talent to our diverse family.

Opportunities at Universal Air

No matter your ambition – be it a pilot, cabin crew, mechanic, flight dispatcher, or a role in finance, HR, or sales – we have opportunities for you. Our team is the foundation of our success, and we’re excited to grow it with passionate individuals. We’re committed to creating equal opportunities for all, pushing the standards of sustainability and safety in aviation to new heights.

Stay Connected, and Become a Part of Our Journey

Keep up with our latest job openings and insights into life at Universal Air by following us on social media and LinkedIn. We’re always sharing new opportunities and updates on our journey. If you’re passionate about aviation and excellence, we’d love to have you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to apply for a pilot position at Universal Air?

For pilot positions, Universal Air typically requires a commercial pilot license (CPL) or an airline transport pilot license (ATPL), along with specific flight hours depending on the role. Additional qualifications, such as instrument rating and multi-engine experience, might also be necessary. It’s important to check the specific requirements listed in the job posting.

Does Universal Air offer training programs for aspiring cabin crew members?

Yes, Universal Air offers comprehensive training programs for aspiring cabin crew members. These programs cover all aspects of cabin safety, customer service, and emergency procedures to ensure our crew meets the highest standards of safety and service.

How can I apply for a job with Universal Air, and what is the process?

To apply for a job with Universal Air, follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest openings. The application process typically involves submitting an online application, followed by interviews and, for some roles, assessment tests.

What initiatives does Universal Air have in place to promote diversity and inclusion within its workforce?

Universal Air is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion across all levels of our organisation. Our team comprises over 20 nationalities, and we actively work to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We embrace diversity in hiring practices and company culture to ensure a welcoming and inclusive workplace.

How does Universal Air incorporate sustainability into its operations?

Sustainability is a core value at Universal Air. We continuously strive to minimise our environmental impact by implementing eco-friendlier flight practices, investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft, and exploring innovative solutions like alternative fuels, emissions-reducing technologies and sourcing local produce to cut back on food miles.

Are there opportunities for career advancement within Universal Air?

Yes, Universal Air is committed to the professional development of its employees. We encourage career advancement within the company and offer various training and development programs to help our team members grow their skills and advance in their careers. Whether you’re starting as a cabin crew member, mechanic, or in any other role, there are pathways to progress and succeed within our diverse organisation.

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