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Welcome to Malta

Welcome to Malta, a Mediterranean island that offers a journey through history and natural beauty. From Valletta’s historic streets to the Blue Lagoon’s clear waters, Malta is a place of discovery and relaxation.

Malta’s History

Malta has a rich past, from ancient temples to medieval towns. The Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum and megalithic temples are just a glimpse into the island’s ancient civilizations.


Malta thrives with cultural festivals and cuisine that blend Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavors. Try the local pastizzi or enjoy fresh seafood.

Beaches and Diving

The island’s beaches and diving spots are perfect for those who love the sea. Whether it’s the sandy Mellieħa Bay or diving to explore underwater caves, Malta has something for every beach lover.


The capital, Valletta, is rich with history. Visit St. John’s Co-Cathedral, enjoy views from the Upper Barrakka Gardens, and explore its cafes and shops.

Why Visit Malta?

Malta is more than a destination. It’s a place where you can explore ruins, enjoy the beach, or join in the festivities. It’s where stories begin and memories are made.

Frequently Asked Questions About Malta

What is Malta known for?

Malta is famous for its sunny weather, rich history, and stunning beaches. It has ancient temples, clear blue seas, and beautiful architecture. Malta’s mix of cultures over time has made it a unique spot in the Mediterranean.

When is the best time to visit Malta?

The best time to visit Malta is in spring (April to June) or autumn (September to October). These months have lovely weather, fewer crowds, and are great for outdoor activities.

How can I get to Malta?

You can fly into Malta International Airport, the island’s main airport. It connects Malta with many cities around the world. You can also take a ferry from Sicily if you’re already in Italy.

What are the top places to see in Malta?

Top sights include the ancient city of Valletta, the Blue Lagoon on Comino, the historic Mdina, and the Ħaġar Qim temples. Each place offers a peek into Malta’s past and stunning views.

Can I find good food in Malta?

Yes, Maltese cuisine is delicious and unique. Try local dishes like pastizzi, rabbit stew, and ftira. Seafood is also fresh and tasty here. Many restaurants and cafes across the islands serve these dishes.

Is Malta good for families?

Malta is great for families. It has safe beaches, parks, and activities that children will love. Places like Popeye Village and the National Aquarium are fun for kids.

What shopping can I do in Malta?

In Malta, you can shop for handmade crafts, local honey, and Maltese lace. Valletta and Sliema have many shops. Markets like the Marsaxlokk fish market are also worth visiting.

Are there outdoor activities in Malta?

Yes, Malta offers hiking, diving, and water sports. The island’s coastline is perfect for snorkelling and diving, while its trails offer great walks with beautiful views.

What cultural events should I not miss in Malta?

Malta hosts festivals and events all year. The Malta International Arts Festival, Carnival, and the Fireworks Festival are highlights. They show Malta’s love for music, art, and celebration.

How safe is Malta for tourists?

Malta is very safe for tourists. It’s known for its low crime rate. Still, it’s good to take normal safety steps like watching your belongings.

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